holding orange and pink flowers

Hey, I’m Ulana!

Creator of Alchemy Jane Wildcrafted Skincare. Which I officially created in 2016 with the nudge of my loving husband. But have been unofficially creating skincare products for 10+ years (if mashing bananas and avocado into a paste for a hydrating skincare mask count) – which side note, is very effective and I still use to this day.

I’ve always had irritable skin. Even as a child I’d often breakout in rashes. Then as a teenager I also suffered with acne. I can remember feeling so embarrassed to leave the house. Sometimes even skipping school because I couldn’t muster up the courage to leave my room. Between my sensitive skin, rashes and acne I never felt beautiful.

Nothing worked!

The acne prone products cleared up the acne, but they left my skin feeling dry, and tight. Likewise the sensitive skin products cleared up the dryness, but clogged my pores causing breakouts. I tried everything! I mean everything. Even acne pills. TV infomercial products (you know what I’m talking about). Literally everything on the market. It wasn’t until I was in university when the “natural craze” started to explode. And for good reason. I discovered lavender essential oil, shea butter, and aloe vera. Natural ingredients. The results were profound. My acne healed, my completion brightened, and my skin was glowing! The transformation was so remarkable that it peeked my interest in natural healing, and skincare.

An Alchemist Was Born

I spent the next few years researching herbology, aromatherapy, natural healing, and organic skincare formulation. I was obsessed, and driven to create the best skincare possible. My vision was to create natural plant-based products. To source local vendors and create affordable products made in sustainable eco-friendly packaging. My philosophy was (and always will be) “ingredients first, “and to create effective anti-aging products for those that have sensitive and acne prone skin.

The name “Alchemy Jane” came from two things. “Alchemy” (medieval chemistry, or the ability to transform). And “Jane” my middle name, and the name of my great grandmother Eliza Jane.  Together creating Alchemy Jane, the perfect balance between traditional wisdom, and modern science.