holding orange and pink flowers

Growing up...

and for as long as I can remember I’ve always had irritable skin. I’d often breakout in rashes, and can remember feeling so embarrassed to leave the house. As a teenager I also suffered with terrible acne, which ended up being a very low time in my life. If you’ve ever dealt with acne, or are dealing with it now, you can understand how debilitating it can be. I was always uncomfortable in my skin, between my rashes and full face of acne, I never felt beautiful.

I struggled with my acne and self-confidence until I was in my twenties when I finally learned to love myself and show gratitude for who I was rather than how I looked. This shift in perspective also allowed me to stop chasing the “latest beauty craze” and reflect on products that actually worked. I found that my skin responded best to “natural” products, so as an experiment I went on a product detox, and for three months only used natural products on my skin. The results were profound. My acne healed, my completion brightened, and my skin was glowing! The transformation was so remarkable that it peeked my interest in natural healing, and skincare.

An Alchemist Was Born

I spent the next few years researching herbology, aromatherapy, natural healing, and organic skincare formulation. I was obsessed, and driven to create the best skincare possible. My vision was to create natural plant-based beauty products. To source local vendors and create affordable products made in only sustainable eco-friendly packaging. My philosophy was (and always will be) “ingredients first, “and to create beauty products that give women their best skin.

The name “Alchemy Jane” came from two things. “Alchemy” ( or medieval chemistry), which symbolizes my passion to create and invent new beauty products, while also highlighting my love for ancient beauty traditions. And “Jane” my middle name, and the name of my great grandmother Eliza Jane which symbolizes me, my history, and the ancient beauty wisdom that has been passed down. Now I'm proud to say that Alchemy Jane is the perfect balance of traditional wisdom, and modern beauty.