Wild Beauty. Our Top 5 Summer Skincare Secrets

Wild Beauty Our Top 5 Summer Skincare Secrets Summer is finally upon us. After a long winter it’s so enlivening to feel the air warm, taste the fruit sweeten and hear the birds sing. It’s a magical change in nature that we get to experience each year. As we change and adapt to a new season, the daily wellness rituals … Read More

5 Wellness Rituals for Wild Beauty

Girl in field at sunset

At Alchemy Jane, we believe in WILD beauty. The type of beauty that exists deep within the human body. The type of beauty that radiates outwards. The type of beauty that can’t be tamed. It’s our truest belief that we all carry this beauty somewhere within us, but it’s only when we learn to naturally care for ourselves with holistic … Read More

What is Green Beauty, and how to go Green in your Routine!

Dried flowers, essential oils, and mineral salt

What does it mean to go green in your Beauty routine? Going green is all the rage, but what does it mean to go green in your routine? To us green beauty means “natural, healthy, eco-friendly, and non-toxic.” Determine your version of green beauty by what’s most important to you. That might be products without parabens, or products that are … Read More

How to choose the right Toner for your skin + our personal favourites

Cucumber, lemon and oil Toner

There are so many Toners out there making it hard to determine what’s going to be right for you. Therefore we’ve made this quick and dirty list to refer to. Avoid these ingredients in your Toner: Steer clear from Alcohol Based Products, (these will only dry you out). Anything ending in “Paraben” such as Methylparaben, or Propylparaben. These are preservatives … Read More