What is Green Beauty, and how to go Green in your Routine!

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What does it mean to go green in your Beauty routine?

Going green is all the rage, but what does it mean to go green in your routine? To us green beauty means “natural, healthy, eco-friendly, and non-toxic.” Determine your version of green beauty by what’s most important to you. That might be products without parabens, or products that are only plant-based, vegan, organic… Using whatever is your definition for green beauty there are some helpful resources we recommend.

Resources we recommend:

The EWG and the Think Dirty App are great tools to measure how your current beauty products measure up. Both resources include a full ingredient list, and rate the toxicity levels of each ingredient. They give an individual ingredient rating, and overall product rating ranging between 1-10. 1 being considered “safe” and 10 being considered “toxic.” This is kinda fun, (and scary), but overall very helpful, and a great place to start!

Cleaning up your Beauty Routine:

Once you have defined green beauty in your terms, and have researched your current beauty products. It’s time to start eliminating and moving closer towards your goals. We don’t recommend throwing away all your products by any means. Rather use up what you have and repurchase only green products going forwards. If you have any products that are unopened you can try returning them, or selling them on eBay.

Green Beauty Shopping Spree!

Now comes the best part; Shopping! This can, and should be fun. There are tons of green beauty brands out there to suit your needs. And in our experience we’ve found some amazing green products that are even better than their conventional counterparts. So enjoy!

Maintaining your Green Routine:

We recommend following an 80/20 rule. With an 80/20 rule you focus on 80% green and 20% conventional. If you’re using this method we recommend all your skincare be green (cleanser, toner, serum/moisturizer, and SPF) and your makeup be a mix. Things like foundation and BB cream that sit directly on your skin we recommend purchasing green, as well as lipsticks and chapsticks (that you ingest). Allowing room for your collection of conventional eye shadows, your favorite mascara, and brow pomade. We prefer this method because it’s more realistic and easier to commit.

However at the end of the day the choice is yours, and you do whatever you’re comfortable with! We’re here merely to inform and support you (in whatever green beauty goals you’re trying to achieve). No judgement, just love!

Xo Jane

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