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Alchemy Jane Skincare

Affirmation Cards

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These affirmation cards offer wisdom, guidance and clarity. They are beautifully handmade and intuitively selected for you. Offering guidance on both sides of the card. On one side a bold and transformative statement - for example "I am grounded" paired with a detailed description to affirm the statement - for example "I am connected to the divinity of the earth's energy."

To Use

Each afirmation card is individually wrapped in paper. When you purchase one, or several at a time they will be intuitively chosen for you. What you receive is meant for you. Delight and enjoy repeating your afirmations.


Each card has been channled by Emma, a spiritual life coach from Inner Atunment Coaching. She handmade each unique card with

Care Instructions

Keep dispplayed next to your skincare, attached to your mirror, or on your alter. Read affirmation daily. Store away from liquid. And refer to the affirmation card whenever called.

Intuitive Guidance

If you feel lost or overwhelmed intuitive guidence can offer comfort and support. These afirmation cards - (if called to you) can broaden perspective, offer clarity, and support your emotional wellness. Let the affirmation suprise and delight you in all the ways!